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GlassMaster® 3-tab shingles bring proven performance and appealing classic looks.

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To provide homeowners the most accurate representation of color options, several photo scans and house shots were utilized in various lighting conditions. Variations in lighting illustrate the color gradients on asphalt shingle roofs.

Color blends vary from shingle to shingle. Before installation, consult with your contractor and request a sample shingle to ensure confidence in your final color selection. 

Codes & Compliances

Length: 36″ / 914.4 mm
Width: 12″ / 304.8 mm
Exposure: 5″ / 127 mm
26 Shingles Per Bundle
Algae Resistant: Standard
Wind Speed Limit**: 60 mph
D7158, Class H Wind Resistance
  • Passed at 150 mph
  • D6381, Uplift Resistance
    D3018, Type 1
    D3161, Type 1, Class F, Tested at 110 mph
    D3462, As Manufactured
    E108, Class A Fire Resistance
    790, Class A Fire Resistance
    2390, Class H Wind Resistance


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